Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Claire Fontaine, "counterpoison" (production stills), 2004, pasted digital print with cd-rom, dimensions variable, approx. 130 x 92 cmimage courtesy of claire fontaine, galleria T293, napoli and caterina tognon arte contemporanea, venezia

At the 12th Architecture Biennale in Venice, French artist Claire Fontaine showcase her work ‘Unbuilding’, an exploration of the construction and the deconstruction of spaces. One of the highlights of her exhibition is ‘Counterpoison’, a short film of an abandoned theatre in Glasgow, which has been ravaged by local kids and now provides shelter to wild animals.'unbuilding' explores the construction and the deconstruction of spaces in both the literal and metaphorical sense. the film is the only transcript of the now demolished building, reduced to a series of choppy images accompanied by the heavy breathing of the camera person.