Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Foraging For Food

Meredith Stern, Foraging For Food
Reduction Cut Linoleum Block Print
signed, numbered edition
24" x 36"

Two bearish kitties run through the woods picking hen of the woods mushrooms in the fall.This is a print about eating local, eating free, in the environment where you live.We collected several baskets of hen of the woods mushrooms this year out in the park where we live, and they are the most tasty, amazing mushrooms I've ever eaten.
They live at the base of oak trees, so the oak leaves play a prominent role in this print.They make an excellent soup stock. Color is a little varied from this photo,I had a hard time getting an accurate photo with the correct coloring,so in actuality the print is a little more orange-ish than it appears.
Meredith Stern