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Πίσω από τη μάσκα, μια άλλη μάσκα / Behind the mask, another mask

Πίσω από τη μάσκα, μια  άλλη μάσκα / Behind the maskanother mask

Κωστής Βελώνης, Αδεξιότητα και νεωτερικότητα  (We Are All Clowns)
Clumsiness and Modernity (We Are All Clowns) Course 
ΑΣΚΤ -Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA) Winter/Spring Semester 
Αμφιθέατρο νέας βιβλιοθήκης,  Πειραιώς 256

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Performances /Films

Ubu Roi, Marionetteatern Stockholm, Holland Festival 1967


Alfred Jarry, "Ubu Roi" (Jean Christophe Averty 1965)


“Ubú tells the truth”, William Kentridge, 1997


Claude Cahun, Jeu de Paume, Paris, 2011

Gillian Wearing and Claude Cahun: Behind the Mask, Another Mask by Sarah Howgate

Photographies, Archives, Pierre Molinier, Auction –Drouot –Richelieu, 2016


Busby Berkeley

Footlight Parade (1933) – Human Waterfall

Anna Coleman Ladd and the Facial Prosthetics of World War I

Hugo Ball's "Karawane" performed by Marie Osmond

Triadisches Ballett von Oskar Schlemmer - Bauhaus

Oskar Schlemmer: Bauhaus Dances / Frieze London 2019

THEATER DER KLÄNGE: Das mechanische Ballett, 1923, Kurt Schmidt,


Ballet Mécanique (Mechanical ballet) - Canonical Version - Léger / Antheil. Synchro-Ciné.1924

 Parade" by Erik Satie (Audio + Sheet Music)

 1917 Ballet "Parade":  Erik Satie, Pablo Picasso & Jean Cocteau.

Wildly Strange Ralph Eugene Meatyard

Fukuchan Monkey in wig, mask, works Restaurant


Untitled (Human Mask) by Pierre Huyghe (Snippets)


Pierre Huyghe - Untitled (human mask)