Thursday, August 23, 2007

Katharina’s Jahnke show in the Kamm Gallery

Two years before I had the opportunity to exhibit with Katharina Jahnke in two solo shows one in the Kamm gallery and the second one in the Breeder gallery with different works in each case . Our pieces had a brilliant conversation since we both of us remain sceptical to the official recognition of modernity and we enjoy a certain dark Romanism that its source can be found not only in the Nordic countries but in the Mediterranean and Balkan countries. For her show that now takes place in the Kamm gallery in Berlin with the wondering title “„an illusion caused by“, we see silver tinsel filaments shimmering loftily and grated mirrors reflect as also of painted Butterflies which cover a folding screen and drops of glass drip from the ceiling and gather in a puddle of wax. In accordance to the Flaming Lips “Katharina Jahnke seduces the viewer by showing him the beautiful and the familiar, but only to obscure and decompose it, leaving behind the question as to how one could have fallen for such delusion… Katharina Jahnke's work ranges from global beliefs to domestic fitments, decorative materials, and adornments used as means to pretend a beautiful and snug world. A floor-piece consisting of tainted plate-glass, on which a broken drinking glass and honeycomb-balls are posed upon, becomes an ever-changing collage as the glass reflects the sky. Once you look beyond the limits of the universe, you come to recognize that „The sun going down is just an illusion caused by the world spinning round“.