Thursday, August 2, 2007

Hydra at the magic hands of Andro Wekua

Despite the lack of attractive sandy beaches, Hydra is one the most important mediteranean islands far away from the pseudo-cosmopolitanism of other islands and very near to Athens. Believe me the swimming is better from the rocks. For the last years , each summer Pauline Karpidas, displays works from her private collection. This summer was the time for Andro Wekua. His paintings had little bits of colored lines giving the impression of cut –out pictures. I would dare to say that was a fresh addition to his oeuvre especially in these specific conditions that we as viewers had a relax attitude living in hydra island for a couple of days. Above mere formalist interpretations his work make analogies to Georgian tradition. If there is something interesting as an historical reference that we like to discover from the part of someone that is familiar with the modernist dictionary is a notion of estheticism both in art nouveau movement and the revival of a light new expressionism in painting during 80’s. One senses that his sculptural figure poses questions about the nature of representation and its possible ways to find an answer though reconstruction process . Andro Wekua’s sculptural figure is like a hybrid mélange between a professional magician that practices the traditional skills of magic and his model, a ritual engagement for him/her self .