Thursday, August 2, 2007

Hydra and The Isle of the Dead

Dimitrios Antonitsis also annual curatorial in Hydra Gymnasium attracts our view thanks also to the island for this splendid atmosphere. As it happens almost always in Antonitsis exhibitions the question of meaning generate something more active than a simple answer. “Grups” is the title , taken for a star trek episode.
Rallou Panayiotou’s work for the show is an unusual blend of 19 century
iconography and modernist self- consciousness, in this case Panayiotou interprets Arnold Böcklin famous “isle of the dead”. Another reinterpretation of the same painting was by Konstantin Trubkovich with a landscape painting which embodies the strange classic effect of snow pixels of tv media. Scott Campell room- size installation have addressed the issue of the self-contemplation, with mirror based pictures which reflect your self in relation to the design of a snake in the manner of a religious symbolism. Aaron Young’s performative gestures included in videos represent youth culture’s extremity actions that reflect every day’s rituals at the margins of western societies. Other participants are : Lisa Ruyter, Bjarne Melgaard, Tillman Kaiser, Torben Giehler, Dash Show

Rallou Panayiotou

Arnold Böcklin “isle of the dead", 1880