Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Δημητρης Φουτρης/Dimitris Foutris

Panagiotis Loukas/Παναγιώτης Λουκάς

Νικος Αλεξιου/ Nikos Alexiou/ Στεφανος Τσιβοπουλος/ Stephanos Tsivopoulos

Τασος Λαγγης/ Tasos Langis /Νικος Αλεξιού/ Nikos Alexiou

The reminder of the threat that the city exuded in Tasos Langis’ video is set into stark contrast with the strange female figure during a military parade in the historical center of Athens. The image of the parade in counterpoint with the performance–intervention of the performer Marisha Triandafillidou aims to provoke an undetermined but strong emotion that will trace our connections with historical memory.
In the video Land by Stefanos Tsivopoulos, three endless people moving on the earth persistently ask questions about the identity and condition of this particular site . Tsivopoulos ‘ work focuses on the critical re-negotiation of the meaning of boundaries and the difficulties that arise form shifting cultural identity
An idealized contact between a woman and a man and a goat is portrayed in the work of Loukas. Both seem to be caught up in the strange serenity of the countryside. Going deeper into the subjectivity of visual information, a discreet sarcasm hangs over his work. might this portrayal of the convergence of a person with an animal express something of the taste of cohabitation without institutions ?

In the work of Foutris the image of a state that closes its gates hermetically gives rise to questions as to who, when all is said and done, is truly without a city : the one who stands outside he gate , or perhaps the state itself whose independence and isolationism form the outsized imaginary environment seeks to highlight a different community ?