Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Akrithakis/ Ακριθακης

Alexandros Georgiou / Αλεξανδρος Γεωργίου

Ιf one had to summarize in a few words what is here said, one could say that we should define ourselves beyond architecture and the lonely intoxication of the subject within metropolis. we might summarise these relations in the following works

In the case of Alexandros Georgiou, a solitary traveler’s peregrinations form country to country, city to city , and district to district in the middle East makes the artist the hero in a cosmopolitan Diaspora and reveals a condition that seeks form this trip and one which some travelers perhaps enjoyed before the advent of travel guides . in this exhibition , which is the natural extension of his recent group of works entitled ‘without my own vehicle” he reveals to us a laconic manner of his personal experiences

Nikos Alexiou has the tendency to escape the unchanging volumetric arrogance of a sculpture and is abandoned to circumstances , it is a “heap” Just as the heap can be the result of condensing , it can also be expansion in such a way that the materialness of the work remains unroofed, without a hearth

Akrithakis relieves us of the burden of unrealized wanderings with a psychedelic network of ideas and shapes that outline the course of a journey in which the photograph of a person very close to him is included among all sort of shapes. As can be seen in his notes , the carefree style of his labyrinthine writing also concerns his lonely destination