Thursday, September 17, 2015

We Decide How we Reside

We decide how we reside | © SuperFuture

"We decide how we reside" invites artists, architects and residents from Berlin, Istanbul, and Marseilles to develop images and concepts for self-determined dwelling. The project was developed by HKW´s Education department in the framework of the interdisciplinary program “Wohnungsfrage” seeking to stimulate a practical and likewise radical discourse on housing by initiating collaborations among international and local players in the fields of architecture, urban planning, politics, arts, science and activism.

The project participants – the Kotti-Shop (Berlin), PASAJ (Istanbul), and La Folie Kilomètre (Marseilles) – are embedded in sociopolitical flashpoints of their respective cities and share a participatory methodology which understands knowledge production as a social process.
Input: Sandi Hilal, Campus in Camps, Bethlehem

Participating project partners: PASAJ (Istanbul), Kotti-Shop (Berlin), and La Folie Kilomètre (Marseille)
In cooperation with the Allianz Kulturstiftung