Monday, February 25, 2013

From "Vertigo"

It is only a question of discovering how we can get ourselves attached to it again”
-a drawing by Vija Celmins
I practice interruption to get used to it, get up to get the cup
and then sit down, go out to look at the sign on the corner, sit
down, open the book to 37, “Moon Surface [Luna 9],” close
it, open my mouth to get used to what it says and then
in some weathers, it’s offered up freely and you have to
cover the books in plastic, remember to take it with you just in case
and you have to be grateful not to think things up.
Her surface drawings put one squarely on the moon
and there’s nothing to take your mind off it, no one brings coffee,
and she’s reminded of a scene where the actor talks about how
he’s scared to leap off a balcony and then he finally leaps.
Someone keeps coming to the door, someone makes a mark
like graphite until it builds up slowly on the surface.

Martha Ronk,“Vertigo,” 2007.