Sunday, November 24, 2019

On the edge of the Blade we run

Kostis Velonis, Corner Soul, 2016
Concrete, plaster, wood, acrylic, soil 
14 x 45 x 26 cm

On the edge of the Blade we run paraphrases the film’s title Blade Runner, premiered in 1982. The exhibition will take place in the end of November 2019, similarly with the movie’s time of reference. The director Ridley Scott travels in the future time and space of Los Angeles, November 2019.
The concept of the exhibition is constructed around three subject matters;
First, departing from the film’s title, we run on the edge of the blade in order to reconsider the ambiguous times we live in, both on a local and a global scale.
Additionally, questions about the interchange between the corporeal and the existential are raised. When the replicants in Blade Runner developed emotional capacity, simultaneously realized the inevitability of death, something they were not supposed to acknowledge. Consequently, in order to conceal those existential agonies, they started hiding their own corporeality.
Lastly, in Blade Runner, November 2019 is presented as a dystopian environment. In the early ‘80s, when the movie was filmed, the discussion about the destructive impact of capitalism, intensive industrialization and technological culture was initiated in the West, since the ecological catastrophe had begun to be visible, a matter very relevant today. In Blade Runner’ sequel we return in the space and time of the first movie where everything has been turned into ruins- a scrap town.
With this exhibition we aim to investigate whether the director’s predictions about the future have been proved right or wrong, as well as to question the unfulfilled promises derived from the evolution of technology and digital era. We are also looking forward to reconsider the chasm between human culture and nature, to examine a general melancholy and a feeling of despair that characterize our generation, and at the same time to establish a neo-futuristic and neo-gothic aesthetic we meet in everyday life.
Eva Papamargariti Zissis Kotionis Rallou Panagiotou Maria Papadimitriou, Alexandra Koumantaki Kostas SahpazisEllie AntoniouNersKostis Velonis Sophia VyzovitiVoltnoi Alexandros Tzannis Loukia Alavanou Markus Selg Lap-See Lam Anastasia Douka Micol Assael Savvas Christodoulides Evita ManjiPegy Zali Evangelia Ledaki Andreas Ragnar Kasapis Iannis Ganas Orestis Mavroudis Jack McConville Steinar Haga Kristensen Aliki Panagiotopoulou Spiros Kokkonis Adrianna Glaviano Margarita Bofiliou Despina Charitonidi Aliki TzifaSpiros Hadjidjanos Vangelis Papathanasiou Antonakis Christodoulou Antigone Blanda Konstantinos Lianos Tatiana Couzis Panos Profitis Nyssos Vassilopoulos Iraklis Kopitas Carina Obukhova Manos Papamichael Saklas Alexander Ruthner 
On the edge of the Blade we run will take place in a former textile industry built in 1936 at Votanikos area.
On the edge of the Blade we run

A show curated by Alexandros Tzannis
Assistant curator: Odette Kouzou
29th of November until December, 8 
PLYFA Factory