Saturday, December 3, 2016

Zur Grund- und Bodenlosigkeit der Kunst

The title Zur Grund- und Bodenlosigkeit der Kunst (On the Groundlessness and Bottomlessness of Art) refers first and foremost to a number of characterizations of modern art, assigned both from the outside and from within. Perhaps groundlessness/bottomlessness are even a characteristic attribute of modern art, between scandal and nihilism, different modes of constructivism and negative critique, universalist projects and experiments with the laws of visual perception. As far as contemporary art is concerned, however, other associations present themselves. Is it not an attribute of contemporary art to pull the ground out from under everyday perceptions in the sense of an ontological destabilization? Doesn’t contemporary art constantly have to subvert traditional, normative concepts of reality in order to open up the grounds of reality construction and representation for experimentation?

Anselm Franke is a curator and writer based in Berlin. He is Head of Visual Art and Film at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, where he co-curated The Anthropocene Project (2013–2014), and several exhibitions including Ape Culture (2015) and Nervous Systems (2016). 

In cooperation with Kunstakademie Münster and Freunde der Kunstakademie e.V. Münster Lecture
Anselm Franke, Zur Grund- und Bodenlosigkeit der Kunst
Tuesday, 6 December 2016, 6 pm
Kunstakademie Münster, Hörsaal 1