Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Tonight i'm eating stars
and yer not gonna stop me
travelin through bars
with glitter on my stockings
My body parts are shimmerin
as i move through my own galaxy
My high heels kick up moondust
I got Saturn's rings for jewelry
Yeh, i know that times are hard
and you got yer shovel waiting on me
But tonight i'm eating stars
so you can shove yer goddamn gravity
The Sun fell down my pants
and I'm gonna dance till Gabriel blows
Search all night long till i find myself
a couple of celestial bodies
Go on you can dig yer hole
cuz tomorrow you might catch me
But tonight I'm eatin stars
and mother -fucker you can't touch me.

Poem included in the text of Nancy Scheper-Hughes “The genocidal continuum:peace -time crimes”, Power and Self , Cambridge University Press, 2002. Street Poet from Baltimore