Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Uncommon Common (Re) Projected

Uncommon Common (Re) Projected is a two days forum conceptualized by Jenny Marketou, interdisciplinary artist based in New York City for the 4th Biennial of Athens, AGORA. Using the process of inquiry and research “Uncommon Common (Re) Projected” invites autonomous groups, self organized collectives and individuals from Athens to come together at the AGORA on October 15-16, 2013 to join via skype self organized groups and individuals in New York, Palestine and New Delhi.

The goal of the two days forum is the creation of a common time/space to explore the interfaces of art, activism, and social research as well as creating in common a platform of sharing, thought, inquiry and discussions mental and conceptual which can inspire and translate into practices of commoning. Further on this forum will involve discussions which have a starting point the current economic transformations such as labor, social debt, dept resistance, morality, education and neo-liberalism.
The two days discussions are facilitated and moderated by Jenny Marketou, (artist) and Elpida Karaba (curator, writer, art critic).
With Nicholas Mirzoeff, (Professor Media Culture and Communication, NYU, writer, founder and deputy director of International Association of Visual Culture), Yates McKee (NYC Activist, Art Historian), Pamela Brown (NYC Activist, Scholar), Amin Husain (Artist, Lawyer) in Palestine, Nitasha Dhillon (photographer) in New Delhi, Strike Debt based in New York City.
And George PapanagiotouIlias ParaskevopoulosKaterina Tselou members of the curatorial team of AB4 as well as collectives, autonomous groups such as RadiobubbleTutorpoolIliosporoiErrandsPoliteia 2.0Global VoicesMedia Liberation Front/FeminismGlobal Voices and cultural thinkers and artists Gigi Argyropoulou (stage director and theorist), Dimitris Kosmidis (cultural producer, historian), Kostis Stafylakis (artist, curator and theorist), Kostis Velonis (artist) based in Athens.
As a basis for each discussion will focus on casual, informal sharing of methods and outcomes, texts readings, discussions on practices, printed material such as Tidal and The Militant Research Handbook, followed by group sharing work and ending with general questions from all participants.

October 16, 2013 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
4th Athens Biennale