Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sensual Abstraction à la belle étoile

 Shipwreck, 2013 plywood, marble, wood, acrylic, 66 x 11 x 37 cm.
 Sensual abstraction à la belle étoile is a group exhibition aiming to trace the limits between the absolute world of ideas and the relative world of the senses.
Structured as a hypothetical artistic movement, the exhibition brings together practices, works and attitudes which, stemming from different points of origin, arrive at similar uses of form. The works included are the surface of intensely layered practices that propose poetic reversals of artistic traditions in order to reinvent and introduce innocence as a request for the present rather than as a fantasy about the past.
Artists: Margarita Bofiliou, Maria Christoforidou/ Martyn Ridgewell, Salome Ghazanfari, Steinar Haga Kristensen, Aliki Panagiotopoulou, Rallou Panagiotou, Zoe Paul, Alexandros Tzannis, Kostis Velonis, Jessica Warboys
ReMap4 Address: 46 Kerameikou & 24 Myllerou, ground floor