Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Six Possibilities for a Sculpture

Six Possibilities for a Sculpture, installation view, La Loge 2013 - image: Isabelle Arthuis

In an art world of endless possibilities, can we talk about only six possibilities for a sculpture? Taking its title from a work by Hedwig Houben, this exhibition presents the work of five artists who embraces sculpture as an active force rather than static object.

Hedwig Houben and Jennifer Tee both employ sculpture and performance, but while Houben’s work explores her own thinking process from a conceptual and humoristic angle, Tee’s taps into more ethereal or mystical sources for her performances that combine dance and craft-based objects. Caroline Achaintre uses drawing as the starting point for her ceramic works and hand-tufted rugs, which bring together references to the applied arts and to shamanistic practices. Emmanuelle Lainé examines the intersection between the two- and the three-dimensional, creating large-scale images that blur the boundaries between object and subject, process and outcome. Robert Orchardson’s sculptures and installations take as their starting point the shifting meaning and appearance of theatrical stage sets, creating enigmatic yet eloquent forms.

Featuring several new works made especially for this site and occasion, the exhibition draws upon the history of La Loge - a former Masonic lodge, whose architecture is imbued with the materials and symbols of its former ritual use - to explore the totemic presence of sculpture.

A group show featuring Caroline AchaintreHedwig Houben
 Emmanuelle Lainé Robert Orchardson Jennifer Tee.
Curated by Zoë Gray
La Loge, Brussels