Sunday, June 10, 2012

Reduction to the Versatility of an Angle

Wrack tangles with and even wads

lower links in an airfield fence -

simple to think of a tide that swells like that

were we always as grainless

as placer deposits read from the Mull:

were this reduction not its own story.

Filiation frets itself differently

on islands, Whitsun sublet flinging

black over itself and white

on islands one of the commonest

elements is a cormorant years drafted;

now, fog intensity of repose.

We don’t recall you on Staple Island,

but a Brocken spectre and an address

on macronutrition. Silent planes

lift from or taxi at Prestwick,
kens of drift mining scatter:

not even rails, but a gradient record.

Joe Kennedy, 2012