Friday, October 10, 2008

Laugh Track

Marshall McLuhan said: “We have now
become aware of the possibility of
arranging the entire human environment
as a work of art.”

The disappearance of art into our
everyday life was already established and
accomplished a long time ago, from
Warhol on, we consume art and visual
culture repeatedly everyday. But what if
this ‘disappearance’ is a persistent
condition from our
Culture? Just as the disappearance of
ideologies and politics by their constant
repetition on media; or the disappearance of
sexuality and pornography by their cyclical
appearances in television and advertisements.
Well, the first ‘disappearance’ of art was
original and critical. But can the one we are
experiencing today still be critical? Is Art still a
critical body that reflects on the society?

Artists list

Jorge Cabieses,
Francisco Camacho,
Tania Candiani,
Cacahuates Japoneses,
Ehsan Fardjadniya,
Maria Karantzi,
Kristen Lovelock,
Yoshua Okon,
Wilfredo Prieto,
Tracey Rose,
Dan ShawTown,
Kostis Velonis,
Andy Wauman,
Phillipe van Wolputte,
Erik van der Weijde

Curators: Oliver Martinez Kandt, Ehsan Fardjadniya
YUM 21C, Brussels
19 october- January 14, 2009